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Are you and your loved one looking for dementia care with a home feeling? Overwhelmed by the larger facility, and want a more intimate home environment? Sunrise Terrace Assisted Living is an 8 bed, single family home specializing in dementia and memory care. With our highly trained staff, your loved one will get the individualized attention and care they deserve in a place they can comfortably call home. 


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Memory care is long term care designed to meet the specific needs of loved ones with dementia, Alzheimer's or other types of cognitive issues.

If your loved one is still active but can no longer live independently without help with daily living activities, seeking assisted living is an option. What differentiates a memory care facility, is a home that provides that extra specialty care and promotes aging successfully.


How do we age successfully with cognitive issues? It is important to engage residents cognitive abilities through activities and social connections. Isolation can increase the disease advancement so repeated daily routines are extremely important. A memory Care facility should try to maintain independence as long as physically possible, with safety and security THE number one priority. This keeps meaning and purpose in your loved ones lives. 

Individual's with memory issues may become easily stressed and confused. With a smaller environment setting as ours, we can focus on individualized care more effectively. Memory Care facility's need to create a space that emphasizes a relaxed environment that is not overwhelming. Soothing colors and a lot of natural light is extremely important. 

1820 Westmoor Terrace

Elm Grove, Wi. 53122

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