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Sunrise-Terrace is a single family home setting. The architectural floor plan is optimal for the specific needs of memory care residents. The home has a circular layout of common spaces, because those with moderate dementia often can feel increased stress when approaching a barrier like an end to a hallway or corridor.

assisted living space
cbrf living space
memory care living space
cb fish tank for elder

Kitchen is spacious with a lot of nature light. Fish tank is present ( as fish tanks have been known to promote the appetite) and many windows facing the quiet and secluded back yard. Daily we can see deer, turkeys, birds, and much more wildlife.

assited living kitchen space

Bedrooms are either single rooms, or double suites for those who want to room with a loved one, or to just have a room companion. Each bedroom is spacious with hardwood floors plenty of closet space. We want each individual to feel comfortable and at home, with each bedroom their private and personal space.

double suite
suite assusted living
double suite with fire place
double suite large windows
single suite
larger single bedroom

Bathrooms all newly remodeled with walk in showers and spacious counter space for personal needs. 

double suite bathroom
walk in assisted living shower
memory care walk in shower
assited living bathroom space
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